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Now Available with Autofocus

MicroHAWK® Ultra-High Density (UHD)
Imagers & Smart Cameras

Now with Liquid Lens TRUE Autofocus Technology!

MicroHAWK Ultra-High Density (UHD) imagers and smart cameras are able to decode very small and difficult-to-read barcodes and symbols.

  • Ultra-High Density: Reads tiny barcodes as small as 2 mil (0.0508 mm)
  • Modular: Integrates easily in applications with limited working area constraints
  • Flexibility: Designed to decode tiny 1D barcodes, Data Matrix (2D) symbols and direct part marks (DPM) with Microscan's X-Mode Algorithms
  • Integrated Software: Intuitive Weblink software pre-installed on device

NEW MicroHAWK UHD Autofocus imagers are the only readers on the market that can automatically select the optimal photometry settings right out of the box, providing best-in-class performance.

All the benefits of MicroHAWK UHD plus
  • Autofocus: Read symbols between 40 - 150mm with little to no extra setup
  • Size: Smallest UHD AF reader on the Market
  • Fully-Integrated Optics: Reduces the cost of additional optical accessories

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MicroHAWK UHD is now available for all SXGA (1.3 megapixel sensor) models:
ID-20, ID-30, and ID-40 barcode readers
MV-20, MV-30, and MV-40 smart cameras.

Fixed Focus: 64mm and 400mm

MicroHAWK UHD Autofocus is available for select SXGA (1.3 megapixel sensor) models: 
ID-30 and ID-40 barcode readers

Autofocus: 40 - 150mm