Verification in the
Palm of Your Hand

100% Verification & Barcode Quality
  • Use for both DPM parts as well as printed labels, testing to a broad variety of global application standards: ISO/IEC, ANSI, GS1, UDI, MIL-STD-130N
  • Software (on PC) that provides comprehensive mark quality analysis, report creation, and interface to external databases
​​​​​​​Advanced Lighting
  • 1 button push auto-cycling of different lighting options: Easily match the correct lighting with the type of mark and substrate that has been marked

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For quality and process engineers, the LVS-9585 is the most complete solution among all portable off-line barcode verification systems.

LVS-9585 is a high-performance handheld solution that verifies all common symbologies and direct part marks with ease.