Meet Our Experts at MDR & IVDR EU Conference in Orlando, FL
Learn how our barcode verification and print quality inspection technology advancements will help you comply with New EU Regulations!


Featured Products:



LVS-9585 Handheld Barcode Verifier

For quality and process engineers, the LVS-9585 is the most complete solution among all portable off-line barcode verification systems. LVS-9585 is a high-performance handheld solution that verifies all common symbologies and direct part marks with ease. 



NEW Version of LVS-7510 Print Quality Inspection System

LVS-7510 ensures that 100% of labels are compliant with regulations and quality requirements at the point of label production, avoiding costly downstream errors. The LVS-7510 is now available for the Zebra ZT600 series of printers, providing 100% print quality inspection and barcode verification without slowing down the printing operation.

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